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A place where T*'s and their SO's can share some peace and serenity with friends.

kitchen Come into the kitchen and join me and my friends for some refreshments, a tour, information and chat. Let's spend some time together and visit for a while. I am always re-arranging the place. Do you have any suggestions? Please leave your comments in my Dream-book.



Thank you for visiting and spending some time with me. Hi, my name is "Casey", a heterosexual M2F Transgendered(TG)person. I will be your hostess during your stay.

My mom told me tht when I came home from the hosptial, my first bed was my mom's lingerie drawer. Now that's heaven. How could she have known what a profound affect this would have years later? Or did she? From the age of 4, I have been dressing on and/off in what a "2 gender society" calls feminine attire.

efash My "collections" have been "purged" several times over the years. My dressing started when I "discovered" the change that seem to occur in my emotions and feelings I achieved when wearing panties. It has progressed as I have added other undergarments to enchance my appearance. It continues with each new experience as the journey deepens into the exploration of my other self each day.

I enjoy visiting via the internet with other members of "TG" or "gender gifted" community. Also, I find that hearing and/or reading stories about the transformations of others and about those significant others (SO's) that are supportive of their "gender gifted" partners brings me encouragement and comfort at this stage of my own transformation.

Special thanks go to Susan's Place, a wealth of transgendered resources, for the inspiration to begin this project. To continue your discovery about me and my interests check out my bio . You see, I am evolving more each and every day. More will be shared with you as I continue with the construction and building of my new home. Here are a couple of pictures of me. Here are my Combined Gender Identity and Transsexuality Inventory (COGIATI) results. If you would like to take this test here is website COGIATI Test.

Thanks again for visiting with me. To share your comments send your femail , I am always interested in transformation stories and your ideas on how I can improve this web site, so please write.


05 AUG 2007 update

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Thank you for visiting. Please stop in again soon and stay for awhile.

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